Environmental Alert

I first came across Environmental Alert during my internship with the Environmental Justice Foundation, working on a project called ‘Home Truths’ which seeks to raise awareness of the human rights impacts of climate change through photographic and video testimonies recorded by grassroots partners in various countries across the world. Fortunately for me, when it came to choosing a placement in Uganda for ICYE, both organisations agreed to form a partnership to allow myself and future ICYE volunteers to be placed with them.

I will be joining Environmental Alert as a volunteer for six months from January 2014, based at their head office in Kampala, the capital, but also travelling to their numerous community projects around the country. With a name like Environmental Alert, you may be wondering what they do exactly! All will be revealed in time but for now I have tried to provide a (brief) description from their website…


Environmental Alert (EA) is a Non-Governmental development Organization born out of the need to address the alarmingly low levels of agricultural productivity, high levels of food insecurity and low incomes in both rural and urban poor communities across Uganda, in addition to protecting against rapid degradation of natural resources on which community livelihoods depend.

Since its founding in 1988, EA has led from the grassroots up in Food Security and Enterprise Development, as well as Environment & Natural Resources Management policies and practices.  EA is a member of the Wetlands Advisory Committee, Agri-profocus among several other high profile technical committees, and also a member of the World Conservation Union IUCN.

EA’s mission is ‘to contribute to improved livelihoods of vulnerable communities by enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainable natural resource management.’  In these areas, EA promotes economically viable, socially acceptable and ecologically alternative livelihood activities in which wetlands, land and forests are sustainably utilized and increasingly delivering benefits appropriate benefits to meet the community’s social and economic needs.

Find out more about Environmental Alert on their website: www.envalert.org


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