6 Months in Uganda

Next week will mark six months of volunteering in Uganda, and guess what? I’ve decided to stay for another six!

The time has really flown by but I’ve loved every minute so far, and can’t imagine leaving yet. Life has become routine for me now, seeing friends, going to church, playing music and having fun with the kids at home. My Luganda is improving rapidly and no-one dares try and cheat me anymore, or offer me a ‘muzungu price’!

So what’s new? (Stole ki? in Luganda!)

Well I’ve finished my volunteer contract with Environmental Alert and I’ve moved onto a new organisation called the Uganda Carbon Bureau (www.ugandacarbon.org), the pioneers of carbon finance in East Africa. It’s a bit of a leap from the ‘grassroots’ work of Environmental Alert, as these guys are involved at the highest level, actively participating in climate change negotiations and discussions around the ‘Clean Development Mechanism’, under which high-polluting countries finance emission-reduction projects in developing countries (click here for more information: https://unfccc.int/kyoto_protocol/mechanisms/clean_development_mechanism/items/2718.php).

The Carbon Bureau’s first project under the CDM is distributing improved cookstoves to women in East Africa, which consume less fuel and release minimum emissions, helping both the environment and the health of the women in the kitchen. Check out this video filmed in Northern Uganda:

What else is new? I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my younger sister, Jane, who is coming to visit me for a couple of weeks and to share ideas with Madina at the school about teaching. Let the adventures continue!


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